is dedicated to connecting men to the depth of their heart, truth, love, power and purpose while expanding pleasure and intimacy in the experience of sex and love. 

Justina Victoria turns men into unforgettable lovers. 

Is Your Penis Good Enough? 

The Biggest Obstacle for Men in Love & Sex

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Justina Victoria is the founder of Sexual Mastery NYC.


She coaches men to create the mind-blowing sex, love and intimacy they crave. 


Justina is a certified Sex, Love & Relationship coach through The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, trained by Layla Martin, world renown sex coach.

She is an expert in men's love & sex, working with men for many years. She has a vast understanding of what men want and need to feel fulfilled in their love lives.

Justina helps men to step fully in their masculine power and feel confident in life and love. She has immense wisdom in the mysteries of love, emotional development, communication, relationship dynamics, masculine energy and sexuality. 


Her expertise include:


  • Sexual confidence

  • Pleasuring your partner with ease

  • Performance anxiety & penis size insecurity

  • Dependence on porn

  • Healthy relationships

  • Finding purpose

  • Healing after heartbreak or divorce

  • Deepening love & intimacy


In her years of experience, Justina has encountered and helped men remedy a myriad of issues preventing them from living their most fulfilling sexual life including: 


  • Lack of confidence with women

  • Sexual shame

  • Fear of commitment 

  • Communication 

  • Purpose

  • Wanting to feel more during sex


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As Seen In:

Joshua, NYC

Holy fuck. Life changing and life affirming is the result of your work. AND we aren't even done yet! Wow. Wow. Wow. 

Read Joshua's full story here

Thomas, Dublin

I've worked with Justina for maybe 3 to 4 months so far and the change in my life has been amazing and so unexpected, I honestly and literally didn't think it was possible. 

To summarize, it porn was a massive issue for me. I was dependent on it as it was an easy escape to help keep me safe from my own limiting beliefs and fears. I'd wrecked a relationship and lost countless other potential amazing lovers as it held me back. I felt so ashamed of it and it really got me down that I actually watched porn as, deep down, I didn't even like it, enjoy it, want to use it. It was an addiction that I was so sure would be with me throughout my entire life. I'd tried countless times to break out of it and failed over and over.

Then Justina amazed me. She coached me through it and piece by piece we worked together to lay out first of all why I used porn and that all my negative beliefs on porn were just that, beliefs and we could change them so I could learn to be easier on myself and to love myself more. Through talking and multiple exercises Justina designed, I can say I haven't watched porn in ages and my life has a whole has got a lot better overall. Not just because I don't watch porn but I'm just so much happier and in tune with my own body. One of the most important things Justina also thought me was how to actually use your sexual energy in other aspects of your life and this is one of the most valuable skills I've ever learnt and each day my life is getting better due to her coaching me.

Nick, London

When I started working with Justina, I was mindlessly watching porn every day. Initially, when J suggested that I get to know my body better I felt embarrassment and shame but I agreed anyway, because I knew the porn was taking more than it was giving and I wanted to be free of it. Through gentle guidance and support from Justina  I learnt to resensitise myself to pleasure in ways that I never really knew existed before. 
As a result I have rediscovered and reclaimed something sacred and powerful. At the time of writing I've been porn free for 6 weeks and it feels fucking empowering. J  is playing a vital role in helping men smash through the walls of societal conditioning and creating space for something new to be written - J is helping men redefine  masculinity in a way that is beneficial to themselves, others and the planet we inhabit. She's a total badass!

Nick, NYC


"It was a roller coaster for me. I loved it. At one point my eyes watered as I connected with your guest and their experience and I felt joy in knowing this podcast exists. "


"I got goosebumps when I heard the guy confessional / sex goals. Very powerful. It captures such honesty, sadness, reality and optimism......very human."

Mike, NYC

Greg, NYC




Wall St. New York, New York



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