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is dedicated to connecting men to the depth of their heart, truth, love, power and purpose while expanding pleasure and intimacy in the experience of sex and love. 

Sexual Mastery NYC turns men into unforgettable lovers. 



Justina Victoria is the founder of Sexual Mastery NYC.


She coaches men to create the mind-blowing sex and intimacy they crave and she and uses her vast knowledge of love, personal development, relationship dynamics and human sexuality to help men and women understand each other. 

Justina is a certified Sex, Love & Relationship coach through The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, trained by Layla Martin, world renown sex coach. She also studied under Marisa Peer, voted Britain's best therapist. 

Her expertise include:

  • Sexual confidence

  • Pleasuring your partner with ease

  • Performance anxiety & penis size insecurity

  • Dependence on porn

  • Healthy relationships

  • Finding purpose

  • Healing after heartbreak or divorce

  • Deepening love & intimacy

In her years of experience, Justina has encountered and helped men remedy a myriad of issues preventing them from living their most fulfilling sexual life including: 

  • Lack of confidence with women

  • Sexual shame

  • Fear of commitment 

  • Communication 

  • Purpose

  • Wanting to feel more during sex

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As Seen In:

Nick, NYC


"It was a roller coaster for me. I loved it. At one point my eyes watered as I connected with your guest and their experience and I felt joy in knowing this podcast exists. "

"I got goosebumps when I heard the guy confessional / sex goals. Very powerful. It captures such honesty, sadness, reality and optimism......very human."

Mike, NYC

Greg, NYC

Joshua, NYC

Holy fuck. Life changing and life affirming is the result of your work. AND we aren't even done yet! Wow. Wow. Wow. 

Read Joshua's full story here

David, NYC

Justina, I am concerned that I've gotten a little   -too- cool. All this female attention... it's a lot. Plus, everyone keeps complimenting me at work and I'm not used to it! I started seeing Sarah. She's great. The sex is mind-blowing good, to the point where she often asks "how?!?"

Summer, KY

You have shown me the way to my full potential and that I am loved and accepted unconditionally and fully. Without you I would have been stuck in the same mindset and same day to day suffering. Now I can move forward and use what you have given me for the rest of my life.

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