Original erotic, pop art, burlesque painting; a pin up bombshell in sheer lingerie with revealing, abstracted floral cut-outs. 

Artwork Details:
- Title: Caroline
- Original painting
- Acrylic on art paper
- 9" tall and 12" wide
- Framed in black plastic with white mat and plastic face
- Frame dimensions are 17" tall, 21" wide, and 0.25" deep
- Frame has d-rings, ready to hang
- Painting is signed
- Includes certificate of authenticity

Exhibition History:
- New Zone Gallery, Eugene, OR, October 6-26, 2017
- Adultcon, Los Angeles, CA, September 22-24, 2017
- Nudes A Poppin', Roselawn, IN, July 15-16, 2017

"Caroline" was completed on July 13, 2017, the night before I got on a plane to Chicago for the Nudes A Poppin' festival in Roselawn, Indiana (Chicago has the closest major airport to Roselawn). Nudes A Poppin' was the first time that I exhibited "Caroline," and while I didn't sell the painting that weekend, it was my most complimented piece at the show.

CRD Larson - Caroline

  • CRD Larson is a person who makes art. Currently erotic pop art. 

    Twitter/IG/FB: @CRDLarson

  • Ready to ship in 1-3 business days. 

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