Erotic, sensual, psychedelic boudoir print; passionate, romantic kneeling.

Print Details:
- Title: Lindsey
- 4" tall and 6" wide
- Open edition
- Printed on heavy stock lustre paper
- Packaged in crystal clear bag with rigid back
- Includes certificate of authenticity

The original "Lindsey" painting was purchased by a collector at the Raw Artists: Cusp show in Seattle, March 16, 2017, which was the first night I exhibited the work. 

It turns out that was the beginning of a trend, where at 4 shows in a row, I sold at least one piece that was completed only just before the show's opening.

CRD Larson - Lindsey

SKU: 671253175371
  • CRD Larson is a person who makes art. Currently erotic pop art. 

    Twitter/IG/FB: @CRDLarson

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